At LaPorte Assembly, we place a high priority on "Connection".  Because relationships are not "one size fits all" we have provided several ways for people to make a lasting connection with God and with one another. Here are just some of the practical ways that you can get connected.

Regularly attend services: 

Don't let life get you down and knock you off course in your journey.  Staying connected every week helps keep you grounded and growing.  Worshipping and studying God's word together is critical to your spritual health. 

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Join a Home Group:

Home Groups are a casual and loving environment designed for people to grow closer to God and one another.
Home Groups are a place of Belonging...Care...and Accountability.
Home Groups are 8-12 adults meeting 3-4 times a month in homes throughout the community for the purpose of living life together.
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Do it as a family:

Making time to connect as a family helps build strong, healthy families.  You and your kids will make great friends that genuinly care about you. 

Here are some different ministries that we offer:


Volunteering is one of the greatest ways to help your faith to grow.  Serving others gives you the chance to practice placing the needs of others before your own. This selfless attitude is what Jesus modelled for us in the Bible. We offer several opportunities for volunteering and using your talents. Contact us today to find out how you can volunteer at LPAG and our community.