Jeff Hines


Pastor Jeff was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana.  After graduating high school, he served four years in the Air Force, enjoying a deployment in Europe before concluding his hitch in Arkansas.

Upon his discharge, Jeff moved back to northwest Indiana where he became a fitness instructor. Jeff met a coworker, Marcia, who was unlike anyone he had ever met. Intrigued by her unique perspective on life, Jeff forged a friendship with Marcia. He discovered that her relationship with Christ was the key to her virtuous and exemplary life. Inspired by Marcia, Jeff came to accept Jesus as his savior in April, 1982. Their friendship became a God-ordained relationship and in May 1984 Jeff and Marcia married.

Several months after their wedding, they moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where Marcia earned her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Regent University. As Marcia wrapped up her graduate studies, Jeff felt lead to attend Southeastern University in Florida to prepare for pastoral ministry. So in 1986 they moved to Florida for the next leg in their life’s journey.

When Jeff graduated in 1989, they were called to serve La Porte Assembly. Initially, Jeff was the Youth Pastor until assuming the role of Associate Pastor. When La Porte Assembly’s pastor retired in 1996, Jeff was selected to assume the Lead Pastor’s position.

During these years, Marcia was a stay at home mom and God blessed them with three sons: Josiah, Jordan and Joel. La Porte Assembly also experienced growth and advancement. Jeff has been privileged to build a gifted and passionate ministry team focused on impacting La Porte and the surrounding area.

On February 28, 2012 Jeff and his sons experienced the greatest tragedy of their lives. After a courageous and inspiring battle with cancer, Marcia entered into the presence of God and received her eternal reward. Their loss is something they are still adjusting to, but the Hines guys have found that the Biblical truth they’ve built their lives upon is solid. They have found the faithfulness of God. He has brought comfort, strength, grace and inspiration. They have also experienced the benefit of God’s family, as they are surrounded by caring people who demonstrate God’s care and compassion in innumerable ways. Pastor Jeff has coined the phrase: We’ll never get over losing Marcia, but we will get through it!

Pastor Jeff is excited about the future and the time in which we live. We have unprecedented opportunities to make Jesus known to the world. These are great days to be servants of God!

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