365 Transportation

So, you've checked out the web site and decided that you want to try 365.  Suddenly, you realize that you have a problem...you have no way of getting here.  If you live in town or Kingsford Heights, we have you covered.  Yes, we offer transportation. 

We have a bus and van that will pick you up from pre-determined locations around the city and get you home.  Listed below are the when and where of how to hop a ride with the 365 transportation.  If you don't see a location close to you within the city of LaPorte, give us a call and we will see if something can be worked out.

You can move the map below to find your pick up points.

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Pick up and Drop off Locations

  • Kingsford Heights: 4:45PM
  • Deerfield Estates: 4:50PM
  • Planett and Cook Streets: 5:05PM
  • Jefferson and Rumely Streets: 5:10PM
  • Main Muffler: 5:15PM
  • 4th and H Street: 5:25PM
  • Farrand Ave. and E. 16th Streets: 5:30PM

We pick up and drop off at the following locations and times within 10 minutes give or take.

Service Times

Sunday Experience
Sunday Morning - 8:30 & 10:30 A.M.
- (2 Identical Services)
Thursday Youth Experience
- 365 Youth Ministry (Jr. High & up)
- Doors Open at 5:30
Home Groups
-Home Groups meet in peoples homes throughout the week.